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Nice Guys Reassign Gender

Image Rebooting films and TV series with gender reassignment of the main characters is no longer news, but the choice of last year's comedy "Nicefellas" as the primary source is a decision at least surprising. According to the information site Deadline, producer Joel Silver believes that TV lacks nice girls, and therefore, together with the FOX channel, begins work on a reboot of Shane Black's tape, whose central characters will be female representatives.

Critics liked the Nice Guys, but the movie with a $ 50 million budget grossed only $ 62.8 million worldwide. And even if moviegoers wanted to see a film about the new adventures of Jackson Healy and Holland March, this dream was not destined to come true. However, Joel Silver sees potential in the idea itself, but neither Shane Black, who directed the original, nor Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, who played the main roles in it, will not be involved in the work on the reboot.

Besides the main characters, another notable feature of Nice Guys was the period when the film's main events took place. In the TV version, the action will be transferred to our days, which will benefit the producers in terms of reducing financial costs, but will deprive the reboot of the charm that the era of the 70s gave to the original.


FOX executives probably want to create something like a Lethal Weapon remake. Curiously, the show is also a film adaptation with a screenplay from Shane Black. As for the reboot of Nicefellas, its text will be written by Michael Diliberti, who has only one project in his track record - the comedy thriller "Catch in 30 Minutes."

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Author: Jake Pinkman