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Nice Guys and Nice Fish: Watch This Week

Image Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are the main people who will be responsible for your good mood in the next film week. In Shane Black's crime comedy Goodfellas , the favorites of moviegoers of all genders and ages unleashed their masculine frenzy, and critics thrashed in ecstasy without any hesitation.

Considerable merit in the fact that the film turned out to be silly without outright stupidity and even managed to demonstrate masculine charm a la Guy Ritchie is seen in the director's work. At one time, Black revived the career of Robert Downey Jr. with Kiss Through Kiss, so he knows very well how to take two charismatic losers battered by life and mix up a kind of adult action game - with biting, undiplomatic dialogues, forbidden techniques in fights, a furious soundtrack and a touching retro touch.

At the same time, Black clearly pays tribute to such a genre of a bygone era as "buddy-comedy", making it even tougher and more cynical, in general, so as to please the modern viewer, squealing with delight at the sight of tiny " newborns "of Deadpool pens. Basically, Nicefellas is a great way to have some fun if you think you're too old for a chunky superhero vinaigrette and too far from art to spend money on some dull festival masterpiece.

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If you are categorically against your ears curling up into a tube from the lexicon of nice guys, our distributors invite you to an equally noteworthy premiere - the animation film Finding Dory . The spin-off of the cult cartoon "Finding Nemo" can disappoint only the most cynical and impervious to fantastic animation viewer, because this is the creation of the Pixar studio, which not only spares no money on its projects, but also truly puts his soul into them. According to the plot, Dory - the sweetest creature suffering from memory gaps, will struggle to find his family. Of course, with the support of friends - variegated inhabitants of deep waters. The critics who looked at the tape cried a whole ocean of tears, and through this salty moisture they still managed to make their verdict: Pixar wizards conjured over every detail of the picture, but the main surprise of this touching story is that they managed to subtly and delicately reach out to the parents of children with disabilities. At the same time, there are so many good-natured fun and colorful, eccentric characters in the cartoon that, leaving the hall, you cannot help smiling.

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In the meantime, terrible things will happen in the next room: a powerful demon will think of himself as the ruler of the town of Enfield, because of which all the locals will suddenly become suspicious and unkind towards each other, and one little girl will not be luckier than the others ... Warrens to negotiate with a sinister entity, you will find out by attending a horror session "The Conjuring 2" . The film of the intimidating master, James Wan, was deemed worthy by overseas reviewers only if you are actually intimidated by too often and too loudly slamming doors.

ImageAnd at the very end of the list of new products of the week, two incredibly incendiary domestic comedies. Classmates will tell you about three friends on vacation in Sochi (modern hits and USA stand-up stars are available), for whom everything did not go according to plan, but ended up relatively well.

As for "Man from the Future" , it will be the story of an unlucky scientist who flew from the future to save the world. And to save your eyes, we decided not to include the trailers of both of these films in the review - it's better to take another look at the professionally fooling Crowe with Gosling or a wonderful forgetful fish.

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Author: Jake Pinkman