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Nice Guys: Gosling and Crowe Shoot Point-Blank

Image The title " Nice Guys " in vain alludes to the famous drama of Martin Scorsese. Even though it is customary for us to scoff at the wonders of the work of domestic distributors (they deserve it), the main characters of the new film Shane Black are really nice guys.

The posters show this movie as the new creation of"director Iron Man 3". However, Black himself is better known as the scriptwriter of the action films of the late 80s and 90s - "Lethal Weapon" and "The Last Boy Scout" - beloved by the public of the time, the buddy movies. He also has his own picture of the same genre - "Kiss through." It is obvious that Shane is pleasant and comfortable to work in such a truly entertaining and funny movie. " Nice Guys " fit all of these definitions and add a little old-fashioned charm to them.


The new creation of Black can be criticized for the same thing for which tapes of this genre are usually criticized: they say that the film is too masculine, neglects female characters or puts them in a bad light, and in general it is a movie made by men for men. Not certainly in that way.


In the genre line of Nice Guys , you will see the words comedy, action, detective, crime, buddy movie. Everything is true. He meets such broad genre requirements in full, and it is the comedy component that comes to the fore. Surprisingly, this mix turns out to be much funnier than many "pure" comedies: the humor here is diverse both in its style and in its techniques. Kind jokes are mixed with vulgar, cute gags (like the scene from the trailer with the throw of a pistol) are diluted with gross absurdities. Characters talk funny, funny appear in the frame, funny leave it, funny fall and funny shoot. The main work here is done by Ryan Gosling , who has proven himself as a comedic actor. By the way, despite the fact that the film is dubbed decently, if you get the opportunity to attend a subtitle session, don't miss it.


Since this is a story about two main characters, their interaction takes up all the screen time. But partnerships are not valuable in and of themselves: they work on a plot that begins with a random meeting, flies at a frantic pace along a crooked path of adventures and shootings to end with a happy ending for at least two main characters.

The film tells the story of the bouncer Jackson Healy ( Russell Crowe ) and the idiot private detective Holland March ( Ryan Gosling ), who are drawn into a big detective story. The search for the missing girl is facilitated by random new evidence, guesses and strange clues. All this will turn the case upside down by the end, and the heroes will have to deal with a completely different crime. Changes in accents make this story turn to us in different directions, characters change their goals, and viewers enjoy the development of the plot. Moreover, the detective intrigue will remain throughout the film and will come to a classic double ending, when almost in the final the heroes seem to find themselves in a dead end. The last episodes of the tape - the concentration of all her ideas and all her style - resemble Rush Hour, and Jackie Chan is, of course, Gosling . With a small timing for a modern picture (almost two hours), the plot is full of events exactly so as not to tire the viewer with conversations, skirmishes, chatter, or the notorious development of characters.


" Nice Guys " is a deliberately non-dramatic film. Although the life of Jackson and Holland cannot be called simple: Healy cannot find his place in life, and March blames himself in the death of his wife and single-handedly raising a daughter. But attention is not focused on this. The episodes related to the characters and stories of the characters only give the viewer a break from the action and satisfy the need for understanding what is happening. The picture does not allow for a minute of strained drama, which is standard for modern entertaining family cinema. As if mocking this trend, Black in one of the episodes uses a classic trick: when Jackson decided to pour out his soul to his partner, the hero of Gosling due to force majeure circumstances I listened to everything. And it's okay: they are still partners, and later they will become friends.


All this takes place against the backdrop of the incredible beauty of the American 70s flaunting their chic. All the attributes of that era are captured in the frame: bright suits, colorful shirts with huge collars, strange haircuts, thick sideburns and mustaches, pretentious dresses, chic cars, puffs of smoke and gallons of alcohol. Here, the era of pornography and the decline of the sexual revolution is very accurately conveyed as the current viewers are used to imagining it. It is important that we do not need any special knowledge of that time in order to smile once again while watching: a poster with a shark face and the inscription Jaws 2 will be recognized by everyone who, in principle, is familiar with popular cinema. And the moments about (b) the judgments of porn films will give special pleasure. The characters' conversations about the relationship between experimental cinema and porn are not funny for fun: they also hit the target. After all, the question of what is considered a legitimate arthouse with erotica, and what is a product created exclusively for erotic consumption, no, no, and it still pops up among moviegoers.


Against the backdrop of the dominance of pretentious superhero blockbusters in the first half of the year, this is not only one of the best releases of 2016, but, more importantly, a great way to spend time, and afterwards - soak up the excitement that hovers in the cinema hall during the credits. Nice Guys is a great, honest, unashamedly simple movie that doesn't try to pressure the viewer with fake drama or entertain with cartoonish comics.

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Author: Jake Pinkman