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US Boxing Office: Birds Pressing Superheroes

Image Last weekend ( May 20-22 ), Marvel superheroes had to make room for the first line of the North American box office, and the reason for this was grumpy birds that do not know how to control their own anger.

Angry Birds in Cinema debuted in US theaters with a gross of $ 39 million . The premiere of the film Clay Katis and Fergal Reilly in some countries, including USA, took place a week earlier, and now the film has a worldwide box office $ 151 million(including household fees).

Similar results were shown by Lesnaya Tribva ($ 38.4 million) and The Good Dinosaur ($ 39.1 million). Distributors predict Angry Birds cinemas will end at $ 120 to $ 135 million , depending on how quickly the audience shrinks film.


Viewers gave the film an average B + rating on the CinemaScore website, but critics were divided. Some reviewers noted the presence of well-developed characters, witty jokes and morality in the tape, which is useful not only for children, but also for their parents. Others were struck by the ill-conceived script Angry Birds , which turned the project into a stupid entertainment film for moviegoers under six years old.


The blockbuster " Captain America: Civil War " with a result of $ 33.1 million was content last weekend with only second place. The film's viewership is shrinking at a rapid pace (minus 54% last week), but Disney and Marvel are unlikely to be bothered by this fact. Now Citizenship has $ 347.4 million home gross and $ 1.053 billion worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing movie comic book Marvel . Another film adaptation of picture books, X-Men: Apocalypse, kicks off in the US this week, which is likely to grab the attention of superhero fans.

The next two positions in the top 5 went to newcomers. So, the third place was taken by the comedy “Neighbors. On the warpath 2 ”, which raised $ 21.8 million . Distributors from the sequel expected much more agility, because in 2014 the first film earned $ 49 million in its debut week. The audience rating for both parts is the same - the rating is B , and critics, oddly enough, praised the continuation.


According to the reviewers, Neighbors. On the Warpath 2 is the best comedy sequel ever released by the Hollywood assembly line. First of all, critics noted how Seth Rogen has grown in terms of acting over the past decade. Nicholas Stoller's feed contains a lot of gags, but it doesn't feel like a farce.

Behind the warring neighbors in the top 5 is the crime fighter " The Nice Guys " with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in the lead roles. A week before the premiere, the film received a considerable amount of admiring reviews from the professional community, but, as often happens, the audience did not see the fuse in it that the critics liked. As a result, the painting earned only $ 11.3 million .


The project was directed by Shane Black , who knows a lot about films about cop-partners, - he wrote the script for Lethal Weapon. Nicefellas takes the viewer to the 70s, and Gosling with Crowe organically fit into the images of the guardians of the law. Black has the perfect movie about two lovable heroes who win the finale and play jokes along the way.


At the end of the review is " The Jungle Book ", which has not wanted to leave the top 5 for the sixth week. Another $ 11 million went to the piggy bank of the film Jon Favreau , and now it can boast of collected in home theaters $ 327.5 million . It is noteworthy that of the top ten, The Jungle Book lost the smallest number of viewers - 35.6%.

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Author: Jake Pinkman