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Busan passengers will speak English

Image Less than a month ago, USA moviegoers got a chance to appreciate another look at such a seemingly hackneyed topic as the zombie apocalypse. At the preproduction stage, the audience's doubts were dispelled by the Asian flavor of the film " Train to Busan " filmed in South Korea, and most of them were satisfied with the results of the screenings. Even loyal fans of The Walking Dead, the benchmark in the zombie drama genre, did not leave the tape disappointed. The thing is that the director-animator and debutant in the field of feature films, Yong Sang-ho, not only looked at the problem with a fresh look, but weaved many allusions to the current political situation in his home country into the canvas of his picture, and also asked some very relevant sharp questions.

Telling about the sudden outbreak of a mysterious virus in Korea, " Train to Busan " became the real record holder of the local box office, earning $ 38.8 million in five days of rental. Around the world, this action-packed thriller, full of tension and unclassified plot moves, grossed $ 87.5 million . With such results, the English-language remake of the project was a matter of time, and the portal Variety reported that the French studio Gaumont won the tense competition for the right to adapt the oriental hit. Moreover, according to the source, the major paid a considerable amount in order to bypass such giants as Hollywood companies Fox and Sony , and European Studiocanal and

For those who did not have time to watch the November novelty, we remind you of its synopsis.The story unfolds inside a fast train from Seoul to Busan, the passengers of which learn about the unexplored virus that has gripped almost the entire country. One of the few islands of safety is their destination, and everything would be fine, only an infected girl sneaks into the train itself. So, people who have not yet become ill have to fight against the infection, while simultaneously fighting off hordes of zombies that are waiting for them at stops on the way to Busan.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Gaumont with a wealth of experience in producing and distributing international projects, said Kim Woo Taek, CEO of Next Entertainment World
responsible for the creation of " Train to Busan ". -Hopefully this opportunity will give Korean films more visibility and interest from audiences around the world. ”.


Who can play the main roles in the new version of " Trains ", who will get the task of getting into the director's chair of the remake, and when it will start shooting, has not yet been announced.

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