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Busan Train Director to direct Netflix series


The creator of the thriller "Train to Busan", South Korean director Yong Sang-ho, has signed a contract with streaming service Netflix to create a series called "Hellbound." As noted by the publication Collider, the project will be based on the network animated multi-part movie called "Hell".

The official synopsis indicates that this is "a story of survival in conditions of social chaos, when a group of supernatural beings appears and dooms people to hell. A religious group arises that interprets their dominance as the will of God. "

It remains to be seen whether the Netflix version will also be animated or the streaming service will prefer to make a live action series. The terms of work have not yet been specified.

Let us remind you that the "Train to Busan" telling about the consequences of the zombie apocalypse in South Korea, enjoyed great success not only in the national distribution, but all over the world, which made Yong Sang-ho very popular among Hollywood producers. In the summer of 2020, if an outbreak of a new type of coronavirus does not make its own adjustments, viewers are planned to present a sequel with other characters and a storyline.

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