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Train to Busan 2 rushes with full steam

Image The horror movie "Train to Busan" was a real discovery in 2016 - director Yeon Sang-ho turned out an atmospheric and surprisingly emotional horror about the invasion of zombies. The Korean hit not only piqued the interest of American producers intending to film its English-language remake, but also won the right to a sequel. In an interview, Yeon Sang-ho just shared with reporters the details of the second part, which was called "Train to Busan 2: Peninsula" and is, rather, the spiritual successor of the first film.

“The tape is set in the same universe, four years after the events of Busan Trains, but it is not a direct continuation of that story and tells about other characters. After the zombie invasion, the Korean government is destroyed, and all that remains of the state is only geographic boundaries, which is why the film is called Peninsula, says Yong Sang-ho.

It seems that the filmmaker has decided to follow in the footsteps of maestro George A. Romero and spice up the post-apocalyptic setting with political commentary. Unsurprisingly, the sequel was inspired by Land of the Dead, The Road, Mad Max: Fury Road and Akira.


Yeon Sang-ho admits that after the success of The Train to Busan, he was frightened by the thought of returning to the same universe, but in the end he was carried away by the idea of creating a post-apocalyptic world full of different stories. The main character of the sequel will be a soldier played by Kang Dong-won. He escapes from the peninsula formerly known as South Korea, now overrun by the undead. When the soldier and his team return home, they find a group of uninfected survivors and of course face the zombies themselves.

According to the director, "Train to Busan" and its sequel are similar in scale to "Alien" and "Aliens", and compared to the sequel, the first part, filmed in an enclosed space, looks like an independent movie.


The USA premiere of Trains to Busan 2 is set for August 6.

Source: Collider

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