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Train to Hell

Image The director of the acclaimed horror film "Train to Busan" enters the world arena. South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho has teamed up with online giant Netflix to create the animated series Hellbound.

The cartoon is based on the Korean web comic "Hell". According to the plot of the original, mysterious supernatural creatures arrive on Earth, who judge people for their sins and send the guilty ones straight to the underworld. Sang-ho will take over as director of the project and will also write the script in collaboration with renowned Korean illustrator Choi Kyu-suk.

Yong is likely to plunge into hell right after the post-production of Trains to Busan 2 is completed.


Netflix has already gotten its hands on horror movies with a South Korean flavor. Last year he launched the thrilling zombie drama Kingdom, and recently took over the adaptation of the comic book We Are All Dead.

Source: Collider

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