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James Wan took the train to Busan

Image Back in 2016, when the Korean action thriller Train to Busan first hit the screens, it was announced that an English version of the film would be filmed. Since then, however, work on the project has quieted down, and finally the portal Deadline confirmed that "Train to Busan" will acquire an American remake. Moreover, a dream duo in the horror genre - producer James Wang and screenwriter Gary Doberman - will take on the work on the tape.

Several Hollywood studios fought for the rights to create a new version of the zombie thriller. As a result, Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate and Screen Gems were left behind, and New Line won the auction, which will pay a seven-figure sum for the project.

Director Yong Sang-ho's tape has become a real phenomenon and one of the best zombie films of the past decade. It is about a group of passengers on a train traveling from Seoul to Busan while a virus is spreading in South Korea, turning people into bloodthirsty walking dead. "Train to Busan" earned $ 87.5 million worldwide, but the USA accounted for only $ 2.1 million.


When Americans are filming remakes of Korean films, the results are usually disappointing. Hopefully, the collaboration between Wang and Doberman turns out to be a winning combination, especially since they worked together on two "The Curses of Annabelle" and "The Curse of the Nun." Doberman is also the author of the script for the mega-successful "It". While James Wan is still busy with Aquaman and Doberman is writing the lyrics for the Swamp Thing series, it's hard to say when the Busan Train Remake will be released.

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Author: Jake Pinkman