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Warrior of Light

Image The young studio New Harlem Partnership decided to start its journey in the world of big cinema with the creation of a film in the genre of sci-fi fantasy. According to Variety , the Hollywood company has acquired the film rights to Peter W. Brett's book Tagged .

The fantasy novel was published in 2008. The story of a grim post-apocalyptic future quickly became popular with readers, and Brett decided to create an entire book series. Paul W.S. Anderson acquired the rights to the War on Demons cycle five years ago, but now the project has gone under the wing of the New Harlem Partnership studio. Its owners decided that it makes sense to entrust the post of the film's screenwriter to the author of " Tagged ".

Brett's books are set in the distant future. The human world is on the brink of destruction, as every night bloodthirsty monsters go out of the darkness to hunt. The only protection against these supernatural beings is the magical symbols that people put on their homes. The key to victory over the forces of evil is a mysterious wanderer, whose entire body is covered with ancient runes ...


Spike Seldin will be hired to produce the film, whose track record includes the action comedy Team A.

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