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Chinese are preparing a fantasy epic

Image DMG Entertainment intends to invite viewers to a magical world with an amazing oriental flavor. According to The Tracking Board , the Beijing studio has acquired the film rights to Ken Liu's book cycle Dandelion Dynasty with an eye to creating an epic franchise.

DMG Entertainment entered the Chinese film business as a distributor of American films, but soon it was able to significantly expand the boundaries of its influence. Over the past few years, the studio has been involved with Hollywood movies such as Time Loop, Supremacy and Iron Man 3, after which its bosses wanted to start producing their own content. Last spring, the management of the Chinese company announced the start of work on a cinematic universe based on the comics of the publishing house Valiant , and now they decided to try their hand at the fantasy genre.

DMG bosses have already hired Michael Ross (Touris) to adapt the first installment of the book series Liu - Royal favors ". The main characters of the novel are the cunning adventurer Kuni Garu and the fearless warrior Mata Zindu , who had to join forces in the fight against the insidious emperor.


This is not the first time the world of cinema has turned to the works of Ken Liu for ideas. In May of this year, we reported that the American company Studio 8 decided to transfer the heroes of his novel The Hidden Girl to the big screen.

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Author: Jake Pinkman