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USAn box office: brave cosmonauts defeated replicants

Image This week, four new items were in the top five of the leaders of domestic rental. The first place was taken by the USA picture "Salyut-7" by a wide margin from competitors. The space drama directed by Klim Shipenko is based on the real story of the Soyuz T-13 crew, whose mission in 1985 was to restore the Salyut-7 station to work and prevent it from falling to Earth. The main roles were played by Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko, and they were accompanied by Alexander Samoilenko, Vitaly Khaev, Igor Ugolnikov, Oksana Fandera, Lyubov Aksenova and Maria Mironova.

For the premiere weekend, the film about the brave Soviet cosmonauts was able to earn 256 million rubles. Thus, the film managed to beat its direct competitor - another USA space drama "Time of the First", due to which the premiere of "Salyut-7" was at one time postponed from April to October. The tape with Yevgeny Mironov and Konstantin Khabensky, released on the eve of Cosmonautics Day, collected 151 million rubles on the first weekend. In total, she has managed to earn 562 million rubles to date. In addition, Salyut-7 became the second in terms of premiere collection among USA films released this year. The winner in this category is Fyodor Bondarchuk's fantastic picture "Attraction", which started at the end of January from the mark of 408 million rubles.


Although the film is based on real events, the creators of the tape decided to dilute the plot, making it more twisted and tense. For this reason, the real names of the cosmonauts, Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh, were changed in the film. Some viewers did not like this historical inaccuracy, along with other fantasies of the scriptwriters. However, the overwhelming majority of reviewers still speak positively about the film. In their opinion, although "Salyut-7" turned out to be not as historically accurate as the same "Time of the First", it came out more exciting and spectacular. The audience also appreciated the actors' play, camera work, high-quality special effects and beautiful scenes in space, although, of course, the influence of the recent "Gravity" by Alfonso Cuaron was not without.


The second place in the financial rating was taken by a new joint work of director Doug Lyman and actor Tom Cruise. If their last film, "Edge of the Future", was a fantastic blockbuster, then this time the film was based on the biography of a real person. "Made in America" tells the story of Barry Steele, who began his career as the youngest Boeing 747 pilot in the United States in the 1980s and just a few years later became one of the richest men in the country. Steele managed to simultaneously work for the CIA and the Medellin drug cartel, transporting cocaine from Colombia to the States on his plane.


The crime thriller with notes of drama, thriller, adventure and comedy was generally accepted by USA critics and viewers. Reviewers note a good script and a narrative that does not get bored for a second. Of course, Tom Cruise did not show anything new, but he looks extremely organic in this kind of spy films. So, having decided to build the film precisely on his charisma and charm, Doug Lyman was right. As a result, the director came out with quite a worthy entertaining movie, which managed to collect 112 million rubles at the USA box office over the weekend. Of course, for films with Tom Cruise, this is a rather weak result, his last films started with amounts above 200 million rubles. So, for example, "The Mummy" collected 422 million rubles, "Edge of the Future" - 260 million rubles, and "Mission Impossible: A Tribe of Outcasts" - 234 million rubles. Perhaps, except that "Jack Reacher 2" declared itself on the premiere weekend at the same level: in October last year, the film managed to earn 122 million rubles at the start. And yet, the box office of Made in America exceeded the expectations of film distributors, who predicted the film's results and even less than 100 million rubles.


Just a little behind the film about the charming adventurer and smuggler played by Cruise, the leader of last week, Denis Villeneuve's fantastic thriller Blade Runner 2049, took place. For the second weekend, the collection of a story about the struggle of people and replicants with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in the main roles fell by 60% and amounted to just over 111 million rubles. All in all, the sequel of the cult film of the 80s put 472 million rubles in its box office in two weeks.


In fourth place was the animated film "My Little Pony in the Movie". The Canadian-American musical film is based on Hasbro's series of toys for girls since the early 1980s. Toys were so popular that in 1984 an animated series appeared on the screens, followed by many sequels, released both on TV and on cassettes and discs. In addition, the franchise's only full-length animated film, My Little Pony, was released in 1986.

The new film was directed by director Jason Thiessen, who is not the first time to work on stories about funny rainbow ponies. This time, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends will embark on a journey full of wonders and dangers to save their home country Equestria. The first week of distribution brought the creators of the tape 78 million rubles. Of course, the film is designed for a very young audience and young viewers will definitely be happy to see their favorite characters, but older reviewers also note the colorful picture, perky humor, many songs and, by tradition, an instructive story about what a magical thing friendship is.


For those who last weekend decided to leave their children at home and went to the cinema to tickle their nerves, the choice fell on a horror joint production of Great Britain and Romania called "The Curse. Our days". The main role in the film by French director Xavier Jans was played by the actress Sophie Cookson, who is familiar to the viewer from the Kingsman franchise. In the story, her heroine, a journalist named Nicole, undertakes an independent investigation into the murder of a nun by the clergy who performed an exorcism over her. Soon, the girl herself finds herself in the center of mystical events and realizes that the clergy have lost the battle with an evil entity, and the exorcism has become the demon's instrument in a terrible ritual.

Viewers who have seen the picture speak of it as a rather banal horror. And, despite the fact that the tape itself was filmed with sufficient quality, the plot nevertheless seemed boring and very drawn-out to the reviewers. Over the past weekend, "The Conjuring" managed to collect about 24 million rubles. The distributor of the tape was the Exponent Film company and among its other horror films released this year, this is the best result so far. Past films, "Don't Knock Twice" and "Claustrophobia", earned 17 and 16 million rubles at the start. respectively.

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