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Tom Cruise and Arrhythmic Ponies: Watch This Week

Image The coming week threatens to become the focus of premieres that have long been awaited by viewers who prefer a variety of genres. From the biography of a smuggler to the critically acclaimed "Arrhythmia" of Khlebnikov, from Soviet cosmonauts to children's fetish - there is enough cinema for everyone. Read more about each premiere in our review.

The film "Made in America" is based on real events, namely, on the biography of Barry Seal, a talented pilot, venture capitalist, desperate smuggler. He started his career as a pilot in civil aviation, but after just a few years, he became the richest man. He transported drugs and weapons, worked with the most dangerous people, chose the most expensive cars. Everything Barry Seal touched turned into money ...

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The first collaboration between director Doug Lyman and the ageless Tom Cruise - Edge of Tomorrow safay - left a number of questions after watching. However, it seems that this time the tandem came up with something really curious. First, Cruise's professional flair for promising projects is well known. Secondly, if you look at the rating of the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, everything is very good there - 87% of critics rated the picture positively. Such high marks always fuel interest.

In 1985, the whole world watched with bated breath the selfless feat of Soviet cosmonauts. It was then that several desperate daredevils went into Earth's orbit. They had to figure out what happened to the Salyut-7 space station, which suddenly stopped responding. For the first time in history, they had to dock with an unguided ship.


The main roles in the new patriotic film Salyut-7 were played by Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko. And from the production line it is necessary to single out Sergei Selyanov - it was this man who was behind such hits as "Brother", "Morphine", "The guy from our cemetery" and many others.

ImageOver the past six months, Boris Khlebnikov's "Arrhythmia" has regularly appeared in the news as domestic and foreign festivals. And the reviews for the film about the ambulance doctor who saves others, forgetting about himself, are extremely positive. And if everything was clear with Khlebnikov after "Koktebel", then this time an impressive part of the applause went to the performer of the main role - Alexander Yatsenko, known for the good domestic TV series "Thaw" and "Fartsa". By the way, one of the producers of "Arrhythmia" was the same Sergei Selyanov.

The film “The Curse. Our Days ”is interesting first of all by the countries of production - the project was pulled together by Great Britain and Romania. And if the pictures of the United Kingdom come out often, then the cinema from the homeland of Count Dracula and Nicolae Ceausescu rarely appears in wide distribution. As for the film itself, the authors decided to look at the already boring rite of exorcism from a slightly different angle - to show what happens when this very rite of exorcism is needed not by people, but by the dark forces. The star of the "Kingsman" franchise, Sophie Cookson, also appeared there, which is always a pleasure to look at.


The My Little Pony brand has gone beyond toys for a long time, becoming a media franchise known around the world. It would seem, what could be interesting about magical little horses with big eyes and manes that you can comb. It turned out that you can find something. In the movies, for example, they can confront a villain who wants to strip them all of their magical power. True, for this you will have to conquer mountains, seas, and even a pirate ship. The rating, as expected, is 6+.

ImageThe stories of the confrontation between man and nature will inspire filmmakers to create fascinating dram. We all remember how Tom Hanks survived on the island talking with the ball. Several years ago, Robert Redford diligently confronted the water element. And next week, Josh Hartnett's hero will have to fight the mountains. With temperatures at which it is difficult to keep warm, with the sun, which makes it easy to go blind. A few years ago, director Scott Waugh was noted for the high-octane tape "Need for Speed: Need for Speed", and the project "At 6 Feet" was based on a real story that happened with the Olympic ice hockey champion Eric LeMark.

The film "On Body and Soul" was produced in Hungary, another country whose films rarely make it to the USA release. The not very high activity of this state in the film sector did not prevent the film from collecting a whole heap of prizes at the recent Berlin festival. The dramedies about two different people who have the same dreams were appreciated by both the audience and the jury.

Vitaly Mansky's documentary "Native" has also been shortlisted in a large number of international film festivals. Karlovy Vary, Toronto, London, Amsterdam - few people ignored the film-study of the “Ukrainian question” by a man who was born and raised in Soviet Ukraine. Indeed, in addition to the recent events in Donbass, the author touches upon the long history of relations between USA and Ukraine.

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