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”Salute-7”. Trailer flying in orbits

Image In pursuit of the first poster based on real events of the film "Salyut-7" , the CTB film company also released a trailer that allows one to evaluate not only the acting of Pavel Derevyanko and Vladimir Vdovichenkov, but also a bizarre cover of the hit about the roar of the cosmodrome and the grass at home ... The film, positioned by the creators as a space thriller, was directed by Klim Shipenko.

The action takes place in 1985, in the center of the plot is the Soviet space station "Salyut-7", which is in orbit in unmanned mode. Suddenly, something went wrong and the station stopped responding to MCC signals. On Earth, they immediately began to assume the worst - if Salyut-7 falls, the country's image will fall along with it. Moreover, human casualties are not excluded. In order to prevent a catastrophe, a couple of experienced astronauts are sent into orbit. The only catch is that no one has ever docked in space with an uncontrollable object before them ...

The producers of the film expect that Salyut-7 will turn out to be a spectator's film, but at the same time smart and dramatic. The thriller is scheduled to be released in USA cinemas this fall.


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Author: Jake Pinkman