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Review of the movie Salyut-7. Save, you can't drown!

Review of the movie Salyut-7. Save, you can't drown!

The movie "Salyut-7" is undoubtedly an important project for us, viewers, and all our cinema. Firstly, because he continues a series of paintings that remind us of the outstanding domestic achievements in the development of near-earth space. Secondly, because such projects allow our moviemakers to hone their skills in creating technically complex movies, rich in special effects. Well, and because such stories, vivid in themselves, do not require a desperately good script, with which, alas, everything is not very good in USA cinema. "Salyut-7" is really an excellent space thriller, which could have become even better, if not for some not entirely clear decisions of its creators.

For a start, I liked it. First of all, staging, camera work and special effects.Z @ drotafor which it was designed.

As for the operator's work and special effects, they are not only not inferior to the best Western models, but in many respects they simply surpass them. The first-person views are very interesting as the astronauts move around the outer surface of the station, it will look especially great in stereoscopic format, which will add depth to the projection. The episodes in zero gravity are perfectly recreated, although, as the creators of the picture explain, they were all movieed in the studio with the help of various technical devices. Well, the scenes with water filling the living compartment are simply magnificent.

The cast deserves a separate mention. Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko made a wonderful on-screen duet that looks very natural and credible in the frame. Alexander Samoilenko managed to convey the state of the flight director (as it should be), on the verge of a nervous breakdown and heart attack, in a highly plausible way. The female roles were slightly less noticeable, but those couples of episodes in which, say, Maria Mironova appeared, were quite enough to give the story the necessary melodramatism.

Now about what I didn't like, although this characteristic was not very suitable in this case. More precisely, what caused the questions.

Perhaps the only thing. WHY did it take to invent other names for the characters? For what reason did not Commander Vladimir Dzhanibekov and engineer Viktor Savinykh flew to save the inoperative space station Salyut-7, but not existing cosmonauts? The arguments of the moviemakers, voiced at a press conference after the demonstration of the picture, did not seem convincing to the author of these lines. Say, the history of the mission is so intertwined with the personal lives of prototypes that it was considered not very correct to use their real names! But at the same time, real Soviet and foreign conquerors of outer space are often mentioned in the movie, yes, and the station itself is called not "Millennium Falcon", but "Salyut-7". How this fits with the noble concept of "Homeland must know its heroes" is not at all clear.

If it was originally planned to shoot a space thriller in the spirit of "Gravity", then what was such an obvious link to a specific historical event ... If the task was to movie a really extremely dramatic mission to rescue Salyut-7, then why this leapfrog with names and events on Earth and in space, which did not exist in reality? These unanswered questions, alas, will be a negative factor for all viewers who are at least in some way familiar with this story.

Summing up, it is worth saying that Salyut-7, of course, deserves viewing in the cinema. This is truly one of the best USA movies in recent years. Perhaps not as heroic and "uplifting" as "The Time of the First", tending, rather, to the genre of "production drama", but still quite intense and exciting. USA cinema has taken another small step forward. I don’t know about the whole humanity, but very important for us.

By Andrew

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Author: Jake Pinkman