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Unreal reality

Image Studio POW! Productions intends to present a nice gift to fans of the sci-fi genre. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the American film company acquired the rights to film the short story " The Cartographers " from the collection " Children of the New World " Alexander Weinstein.

The collection of short stories was the debut work of Weinstein , who previously served as assistant professor of literature at a university in Michigan. The book went on sale only last month, but has already received rave reviews from critics and deserved flattering comparisons with the British television anthology Black Mirror ( Black Mirror ).

The centerpiece of " Cartographers " is an expert from a company that creates and sells artificial memories. The line between reality and fantasy in the mind of the protagonist runs the risk of being erased when he begins to prefer to communicate not with ordinary people, but with the inhabitants of virtual worlds ...


The science fiction film will be produced by Teresa Park ("The Long Road").

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Author: Jake Pinkman