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Weinstein Company will sue Harvey Weinstein


Studio The Weinstein Company will not pay the dismissed Harvey Weinstein the cost of his share in the company, but, on the contrary, intends to seek judicial compensation for the damage caused by his actions. This decision, according to The Wrap, was made by the company's board of directors.

Note that Harvey Weinstein owns 23 percent of the company he founded with his brother. The market value of his stake is estimated at $ 50-100 million, depending on market conditions. The total cost of The Weinstein Company may exceed $ 500 million. Representatives of the company have not yet specified what compensation they intend to exact from the fined former head.

Recall that the Weinstein scandal erupted after the publication of a note in The New York Times, which described several cases of sexual harassment by an influential Hollywood producer.

After the article was published, many Hollywood stars and other celebrities began to share their own memories of Harvey Weinstein's inappropriate behavior. The police and the FBI announced that

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Author: Jake Pinkman