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Green and Arterton have a lesbian romance

Image The life story of the writer Virginia Woolf has always aroused great interest in film, theater and television. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Mirror Productions is ready to tell viewers about the whirlwind romance of Wolfe and poet Vita Sackville West.

Virginia married the political theorist Leonard Wolfe in 1912. A few years later, the couple became key figures in the famous " Bloomsbury Circle ", which included prominent English philosophers, writers and artists. As members of the elite group preached an open relationship, in 1922 Virginia decided to have an affair with Sackville West , who was married to the famous diplomat Harold Nicholson. A few years later, the flame of passion died out, but Wolfe and Vita managed to maintain friendly relations.

Eileen Atkins has been entrusted with the script for the film, who will adapt her own play " Vita and Virginia " for the big screen.


The biographical drama will be directed by Chania Button . The directorial debut of the young Englishwoman was the black comedy "No fluff, no dust", which earned a lot of flattering reviews from the world's leading film critics.

In 2002, the role of Wolfe in the drama "The Watch" earned an Oscar award for Australian Nicole Kidman. In the painting " Vita and Virginia " the image of the world famous writer will be tried on by the Frenchwoman Eva Green ("Boulevard horrors"). The role of mistress Wolfe went to the British Gemma Arterton ("Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time").


Cathy Holly (Love and Friendship) will be producing.

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