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The dog as a remedy for the blues

Image BAFTA Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Moments to Come / FlashForward ) is preparing for his feature-length directorial debut, reports Screen Daily . In 2007, the Briton has already tried himself as a director, but in a short film. Then, together with a USA film crew, he filmed the 14-minute drama "Spirit", which managed to win the prestigious "Cinema for Peace " award.

This time, Fiennes will take on the screen version of Virginia Woolf " Flash ", in which the famous English writer has recreated the life story of a four-legged pet using facts and rumors Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

One of the most famous poetesses of the Victorian era received a Cocker Spaniel named Flush as a gift from the playwright Mary Russell Mitford , who was seriously concerned about her friend's mental health. The dog helped Elizabeth overcome the blues, for which she later dedicated several poems to him. Soon, to the displeasure of Flush , a cavalier appeared in the life of his mistress - the poet Robert Browning ...

The project will be financed by the London studio Genesius , which has already started looking for distributors at the 69th Cannes Film Festival .


The Fiennes production team is expected to begin work later this year in the UK.

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