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The Blues Brothers Will Become Toons

Image Forty years ago, the cast members from Saturday Night Live Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi put together for one from their numbers a team of talented musicians, which was named The Blues Brothers . The performance of the group caused such delight among the audience that the comedians not only appeared twice more as Elwood and Jake Blues in new episodes of SNL , but also decided release a music album. In 1980, Aykroyd , Belushi and other members of the popular band played in the movie "The Blues Brothers ", which quickly gained cult status among viewers.

After the death of John Belushi Aykroyd did not participate in the life of the group for several years, but then agreed to first go with The Blues Brothers on a world tour, and then return to Elwood Blues for Blues Brothers 2000.

Even before the sequel was released, Aykroyd wanted to make an animated series about the Blues . In 1997, David Misch started creating the cartoon, but the television network UPN never aired a single episode. Five years ago, Dan made another attempt to realize his old dream, but it again did not succeed.


As Deadline reports, Aykroyd is ready to try his luck a third time. This time, he will join forces on The Blues Brothers with the widow of John Belushi Judith, SNL Writer Anne Bitts and Animation Studio Bento Box Entertainment . Dan's team expects to submit their project to the bosses of TV channels and online services this month.

According to Aykroyd , the animated series will be filled with humor and music in the rhythm and blues style, and its main characters will have to learn how to use modern technology to promote their compositions and search for new talents.


Dan Aykroyd , Judith Belushi-Pisano and Anne Bitts will be co-produced by Scott D. Greenberg, Joel Kuwahara, John W. Hyde and Eric Gardner.

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