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Go crazy with Elisabeth Moss

Image "The Invisible Man" is rightfully included in the list of the best horror films of this year, and Elisabeth Moss has once again proved that she is excellent at playing the roles of broken, losing touch with reality heroines. So the news that Moss will once again work with the Blumhouse studio behind The Invisible Man is a generous gift for moviegoers.

In the last few months alone, Moss signed up to take part in the filming of four projects at once, but when an interesting idea falls into her hands, the actress takes on its implementation, despite her busy work schedule. So it happened with Virginia Feito's novel Mrs. March ("Mrs. March" *). It won't hit bookstore shelves until next year, but Moss is already adapting it.

“I read Virginia's novel in one sitting and got so into it that I realized I had to adapt it and play Mrs. March. She is a charming, complex and incredibly human character ”, - Moss admitted.


Mrs. March is an elegant housewife from the Upper East Side who loses her mind a little when she begins to suspect that the vile heroine from her husband's latest novel has been copied from her. It is reported that Virginia Feito herself will adapt the work for the screenplay.

* - preliminary translation.

Source: Variety

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