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Watch this week: Phoenix Reborn and Rocket Man

Image Calendar summer comes into its own, and it will be hot not only on the street, but also in cinemas. This week at the box office will appear the continuation of the adventures of mutants from the Marvel franchise "X-Men", the life story of one English sir and a singer, there will also be enough films that can laugh, tickle the nerves and scare the hell out. In other words, the distributors have prepared a whole bunch of films of different genres for every taste. In addition to the definitive favorites of the box office, there will be a detective story, a couple of horror films, a psychological thriller and a biographical melodrama about the English writer.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix ". Don’t help if you don’t ask

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"X-Men: Dark Phoenix"

The long-awaited film tells the story of one of the main members of the X-Men team - Jean Gray, known as Phoenix. The twelfth film in this series was the directorial debut for Simon Kinberg, best known for his screenplays for Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Martian. In the chronological order of the so-called "second line" of the MCU, the plot will develop after the events of the movie "X-Men: Apocalypse". At first, the picture was called "Teen spirit" (Teen spirit), because it tells about the youth of the main character. According to the director, "Dark Phoenix" may complete this franchise, but the main intrigue still lies in the film's slogan: "Phoenix will be reborn. The X-Men will fall.

"Rocketman". Live your fantasy

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The new word in biographical films is the fantasy musical. This is what director Dexter Fletcher called his new work. The film tells about the formation of the genius of pop music, the world famous singer Elton John. The viewer will have two hours of fun, love, tragedies, tears and, of course, music - the wonderful music of a talented composer, musician and singer. The role of Elton John is played by British actor Taron Edgerton. Previously, Justin Timberlake and Tom Hardy auditioned for this role. According to some sources, scenes of Elton John's sex with his lover, as well as drug use, were removed from the USA version of the film. In addition, there have been changes to the ending credits announcing that Sir Elton John is married to their partner and they are raising children. For a first impression of the film, read our review from its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. where he was presented out of competition.

Dominoes ". Vengeance suits them

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Action-packed thriller from the cult director Mission: Impossible and Scarface, Brian De Palma. A detective story is never complete without a chase - there will be plenty of them here. The main character, unraveling the case of the murder of a colleague, falls into a chain of incredible events taking place on the dark streets of Copenhagen. Brian De Palma approached the work on the detective with a knowledge of the matter: the film turned out to be intense and dynamic. Lies, betrayal, filth and death - this is the reverse side of modern society, shown by the master of cinema. Along the way, the film reveals numerous problems associated with terrorism and illegal migration in European countries.

We have always lived in the castle. " Skeleton in the closet, closet in the lock

"We have always lived in a castle"
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Psychological thriller based on the novel by Shirley Jackson about two sisters and their uncle living apart from the urban community and thus causing a lot of rumors about themselves. For example, that they poisoned their family members. Some family secrets should remain secrets, or someone (for example, their cousin) will very much regret that he decided to reveal them - after all, the truth is often much worse than the most terrible urban legends. The film was directed by Stacey Passon, best known for her work on the series American Gods, House of Cards and The Punisher. The role of the fatal cousin was played by the Hollywood handsome from Romania, Sebastian Stan ("Avengers: Infinity War", "The First Avenger: Confrontation"). The sisters were played by Alexandre Daddario and Taissa Farmiga, and the film was produced by Oscar winner Michael Douglas.

Vita and Virginia ". You need money and room to write

Vita and Virginia
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A dramatic biographical film about the fate of two Englishwomen: the writer Virginia Wolfe and her friend, mistress and muse Vita Sekville West. Their relationship, which was doomed to condemnation by the puritanical society of England in the 20s of the last century, served as the basis for writing a beautiful novel. The film very accurately depicts the atmosphere of the time when men reigned supreme in society. The image of Virginia Woolf is often used by feminists in the fight for women's rights. It was planned that her role in the film will be performed by Eva Green ("Cracks"), but due to the tight schedule she was forced to abandon the role. As a result, she went to the Australian actress of French origin Elizabeth Debicki ("Widows").

"Child of Darkness". Lost in the forest - don't come back

Child of Darkness
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This Canadian horror film will tell another story about a child missing in the forest - a little girl Olivia. The plot of the film is based on the stories of Canadian folklore about evil forest spirits who kidnap children. After several days of fruitless searches, she suddenly appears on the doorstep of the house as if nothing had happened. It would seem that the trouble has passed, but Olivia's older sister begins to understand that instead of her sister, something terrible has come from the dark thicket. Stories like these are the surest foundations of horror movies, for what could be scarier for a child than getting lost in a dark forest? The authors over and over again diligently embody creepy stories on the screens with the participation of otherworldly forces, which, for some unknown reason, hunt just for little girls, and not for, say, bearded Canadian lumberjacks.

Abode of Fear ". Who is scratching at my door?

Abode of Fear
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A classic horror film about very evil ghosts, filmed in a late 19th century Wild West set. This is Emma Tammy's debut full-length directorial work, in which she managed to combine two conflicting genres - Western and horror. The demonic attack on the newcomers "new Americans" may well pass for a veiled attempt to revenge the spirits of Indian ancestors. Otherwise, one should think that all these enemies of the human race came there together with the conquerors of America - from their names alone there is a frost on the skin: Mara the eater of souls, Abaddon the destroyer. The atmosphere of inescapable horror keeps the viewer in suspense throughout the film, because it is not known which will be the most effective weapon against demons - the Holy Crucifix or "Winchester" 44 caliber.

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