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The last battle. The second trailer for ”Dark Phoenix”

Image All good things come to an end sooner or later. In 2000, film lovers first met the talented students of the Charles Xavier School in the film adaptation of the X-Men comic strip. Since then, the mutant franchise has grown to eleven films and has grossed over $ 5.7 billion worldwide. Deadpool and company will soon change their registration and move under the wing of the Marvel studio. The second trailer for the blockbuster "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" makes it clear that this summer viewers will have a touching farewell to their favorite characters in a truly grand finale of the 19-year-old film epic by Fox Studios.

Judging by the latest Hollywood reports, the mutants will return to their native land this spring. Rumor has it that Marvel even prepared a spare scene after a month for the blockbuster "Avengers: Endgame" in case the deal of the century between the corporations Disney and Fox closes in the coming weeks. Kevin Feige's studio will probably start using mutants already in the fourth phase of its cinematic universe, but viewers are likely to have a full or partial replacement of the cast of the film series.

In this regard, "Dark Phoenix" risks becoming the last film in which viewers will see James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Sophie Turner and other stars of the franchise. The new trailer for Simon Kinberg's film makes it clear that the actors and screenwriters of the film series intend to end the story on the highest note. The plot of the tape was based on the series of comics "The Saga of the Dark Phoenix", which was already used in the work on the third film in the franchise - "X-Men: The Last Stand." Although the 2006 film received a record budget for those times, it frankly disappointed critics. The creators of the new film adaptation of The Saga have a great opportunity to correct the mistakes of their predecessors and present the audience with a much more engaging story about the confrontation between the pupils of Professor X and their ex-girlfriend Jean Gray.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Dubbed Trailer # 2

Let's remind that the USA premiere of "Dark Phoenix" will take place on June 6.

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