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She came for answers. Dark Phoenix Trailer

Image In a recent interview, actress Sophie Turner stated that the upcoming blockbuster X-Men: Dark Phoenix will correct the mistakes of Apocalypse. The performer of the role of the mutant Jean Gray said that the new project of the popular franchise will be more emotional and down-to-earth, but not devoid of special effects. We can verify this already now by evaluating the first dubbed trailer of the Simon Kinberg film. In the video presented, in fact, a lot of attention is paid to both the inner experiences of the protagonist and the action scenes.

The action of "Dark Phoenix" starts in 1992, when the X-Men went into space on a dangerous mission. Due to a solar flare, Jean Gray receives a dose of radiation and ceases to control her superpowers. The whole world is under the threat of destruction, and now the X-Men will have to decide which is more important - the life of a friend or the fate of humanity, and at the same time to fight back the warlike race, which plans to conquer the entire Galaxy through the raging Dark Phoenix.

Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will return to their roles in the film, and legendary Hans Zimmer wrote the music for the film. As a reminder, for Simon Kienberg, a longtime MCU screenwriter, "Dark Phoenix" will be the director's debut in full-length.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Dubbed Trailer

The USA release of the tape is scheduled for February 14 next year.

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