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Hollywood goes wrong again

Image Slasher "Wrong Turn" went to the screens only 15 years ago, but for Hollywood such a period of time is akin to eternity, and therefore nothing stops the producers from making a remake of a horror movie. Deadline reports that Constantin Film is poised to return to the eerie forests of West Virginia.

The good news for fans of the original is at least the fact that the script for the new version is handled by Alan B. McElroy, who was at the origins of the "Wrong Turn" franchise. The project will be directed by Mike P. Nelson, who this year presented the post-apocalyptic horror film The Locals starring Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hacklin.

The Wrong Turn tells the story of a group of friends traveling around the country. In West Virginia, their car runs into barbed wire, and the young people go for help, but, unfortunately, stumble upon a house where cannibals live. The horror film by Rob Schmidt received mixed reviews in the press, which did not stop him from acquiring two sequels and three prequels. The last sixth part went straight to video in 2014.


The remake will continue to revolve around a group of friends on a walking tour of the country and present a modern perspective on society and its problems. Producer Robert Kulzer, in turn, argues that the film is a chilling reflection of today's world, when one man's American dream is another's worst nightmare. Hopefully, the creepy cannibals will find a place in the new "Wrong Turn".

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Author: Jake Pinkman