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The Crow song is good, start over

Image Eric Draven managed to resurrect much faster than Hollywood producers made a new version of the cult film " The Raven ". Over the years, the reboot has faced various problems - the actors, the directors of the project have changed, the Relativity studio has experienced financial problems. However, not so long ago information was leaked to the press that Corinne Hardy ("Out of Darkness") will lead the shooting, and Jason Momoa will play the main role in the film.

According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , now the project is completely changing the house. After Relativity went up for sale last month, Davis Films , Highland Film bought the reboot rights for The Crow Group and Electric Shadow , which will produce, finance and distribute the tape. It is unclear whether Hardy and Momoa are ready to continue working on the film, but insiders believe that Corinne will continue to direct the new Raven " , and the casting of Momoa will be officially announced soon.

The reboot's producers include Edward R. Pressman, who worked on the 1994 film, and Samuel Hadida, who has a track record of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises.


If everything goes according to plan, the shooting of the new "The Crow" will begin next year. The source also reports that the creators of the reboot intend to make a film as close as possible to the original graphic novel by James O'Barr.

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Author: Jake Pinkman