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The Crow was buried again

Image It seems like the time has come to accept the fact that Eric Draven is no longer destined to be resurrected. After that hell with successive directors and actors, through which the "Crow" remake had to go through, the film goes back to the shelf.

As Deadline found out, director Corinne Hardy and actor Jason Momoa left the project, although filming was supposed to start in Budapest five weeks later. This decision is due to the disagreement that arose between Sony Pictures, which was going to deal with the distribution of the film, and producer Samuel Hadida, whose company owns the rights to the remake.

The Crow by Alex Proyas, based on the graphic novel by James O'Barr, has gained cult status, and its reboot in Hollywood started talking ten years ago. The project was replaced by a number of directors, among whom were Stephen Norrington ("League of Extraordinary Gentlemen") and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ("28 Weeks Later"), and there is a long list of actors who claimed the role of a rock musician who rose from the grave. Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Jack Houston - all of them at different times were going to play Eric Draven, but when Hardy and the actor Momoa joined the work on the project, it seemed that the audience would finally wait for the new "Crow".


So far, two solutions to the problem are possible for "The Raven": either Sony and Hadid will come to a common denominator, and soon the moviegoers will hear about another director who has decided to take up the film, or the producers will leave "The Raven" alone and abandon the idea of making its remake.

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Author: Jake Pinkman