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Did The Crow Remake Get Jason Momoa?

Image Studio Relativity is ready to make a new attempt to get off the ground one of the most famous Hollywood long-term construction - a remake of the cult film " The Raven ". The plan to reboot the franchise dates back to 2008. Since then, Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans and Jack Houston have been among the candidates for the role of the musician Eric Draven , but each time the project has not been launched. It was last heard of this spring, when original producer Edward R. Pressman filed a lawsuit demanding that Relativity be barred from filming the remake.

As a result, the studio not only retained the rights to the film series, but also decided to return to the director's chair a remake of Corinne Hardy, who left office shortly after the start of the legal battle. Rumors also began to circulate in Hollywood that Jason Momoa is considered the main contender for the main role in the film adaptation of the James O'Barr comic strip. The actor himself gave rise to speculation by posting a snapshot of Hardy on his profile on Instagram , the caption under which hinted that their meeting in an informal setting was related to the discussion of a joint project.


As Movieweb reports, Momoa is really close to getting a role in The Crow . According to insiders, the bosses of Relativity are currently deciding whether they can coordinate the filming schedule so that Jason can be involved in its creation in between working on "League justice ”and“ Aquaman ”.

The name of the performer of the role of Shelley Webster is still in question. Last spring it was reported that Jessica Brown-Findlay agreed to try on the image of her beloved Eric Draven , but Relativity bosses have not yet confirmed this information.

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