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How many more will die? Golem Trailer

Image Victorian London is a popular destination for filmmakers who love dark atmospheric stories with mystical overtones. Another attempt to tickle the nerves of the audience with the help of the bloody ghosts of that era will be a new film by Juan Carlos Medina Golem with Bill Nighy (Love Actually).

London, 1880. There is panic in the city - a bloodthirsty serial killer walks the streets, the brutality of whose deeds goes off scale to such an extent that many superstitious people consider him a real golem from an old Jewish legend. The main character of the tape, inspector Kilder , being guided by bloody inscriptions in Latin and other creepy marks, must find the criminal and hand him over to the law. On the trail of the killer, Kilder will come out almost by accident - at the trial of the singer, who is accused of poisoning her own husband.

The horror is dedicated to the memory of the great British actor Alan Rickman, who was originally assigned to the main role, but left the project due to health problems. Rickman passed away last January and, according to Bill Nighy , he was honored to take the place of Alan in this film.

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Our rental Golem will open on September 21st.

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