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Casting: Music Hall Maniac and Stranger from the Woods

Image Alan Rickman has a role in the new romantic thriller Limehouse Golem , which will take place in the late 19th century in London. The plot of the picture revolves around Dan Lino - a brutal serial killer of the level of Jack the Ripper . He works in the music hall, and the detective hunting him will be looking for a connection between the stage numbers of the criminal and his atrocities. Both of them will be imbued with motives of revenge.

The thriller was written by Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) based on the book Dan Leno & the Limehouse Golem , launched in 1994. Juan Carlos Medina is in the director's chair. Who will play Rickman has not yet been announced.

Alan is widely known to the public for his role as Severus Snape from the films about Harry Potter , as well as the image of the villain Hans Gruber from action movie "Die Hard". The British actor's recent work includes films such as the biographical drama The Butler and the musical film The CBGB Club.


Meanwhile, Taylor Kinney ( The Vampire Diaries ) has joined the cast of the indie thriller The Forest . Earlier, Natalie Dormer signed the lead role in the project. She will play a brave girl who is trying to find her missing twin sister in the infamous Japanese forest of suicides (Aokigahara). There she also meets a man (Kinney) , who is not who he claims to be, but this meeting will change the life of the main character.


And finally, Billy Zane ("Titanic") will play in the comedy "Model Male 2" - a sequel to the 2001 film, where he also played one of the roles. The sequel will unfold 14 years after the events of the original. Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) will once again try to conquer the world of haute couture. The film will be directed by Stiller and is scheduled to release next year.

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