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Double-faced Ozone and fabulous Belogorie: watch this week

Image The coming week does not spoil the viewer with loud premieres, superhero action games, Oscar-winning dramas and films with the participation of first-rate stars. According to LostFilm.INFO, the most noteworthy is the new film by the master of French cinema Francois Ozon "Two-Faced Lover". For those wishing to support the domestic manufacturer with a ruble, the “Last Bogatyr” will open at the box office. Those who are ready to watch the destruction of Los Angeles endlessly will love Geostorm. And fans to tickle the nerves should go to the new detective horror "Golem". In addition, the biographical film "Real Rocky" (no, not the one with Stallone) is being released, which has managed to collect many positive reviews from film critics.

Francois Ozone's new project will appeal to all lovers of Ozone's creativity. And if you do not classify yourself as such now, then perhaps you will become one after watching. In the center of the plot is the beautiful Chloe (Marina Vakt), a girl with a fine spiritual organization. So subtle that she even goes to a psychoanalyst, and then completely falls in love with him. However, after some time, our heroine realizes that her beloved is not at all who he claims to be. The premiere of "Two-Faced Lover" was shown in Cannes, where it did not cause much excitement. Nevertheless, Ozon managed to shoot a very stylish and unexpected thriller with a touch of eroticism. In the new film by the maestro of French cinema there is a place for love, violence, sex, betrayal and even cats.

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Having seen enough of Emmerich's projects, the creators of Geostorm decided to bring back into operation the long-forgotten genre of disaster film. Jerry Bruckheimer's name in the credits gives hope for the best, but producer Dean Devlin takes her back as director. In the story, the leaders of the world powers are creating a system of orbiting satellites to protect the Earth from a climate catastrophe. However, something went wrong, and now these orbiting satellites threaten our planet. This time, Ed Harris, Gerard Butler and Abby Cornish will save the world, and Andy Garcia, Robert Sheehan and Jim Sturgess will help them in this. The ruins of Los Angeles were filmed by the talented cameraman Roberto Schaefer ("Stay"), so the picture should definitely be great. What else is needed for a good disaster movie?

Thanks to our localizers, the sports drama "Real Rocky" is directly associated with the cult film series with the participation of Sylvester Stallone. In fact, there is no Stallone there (well, almost), but there are Liv Schreiber, Elisabeth Moss, Naomi Watts and Ron Perlman. This story is about heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner, whose career took off after defeating the legendary Muhammad Ali. Thanks to the efforts of aspiring screenwriter Sylvester Stallone, played by Morgan Spector, Chuck went down in history as the prototype of Rocky Balboa. However, after a triumphant and unexpected take-off, Wepner faced an equally rapid fall.

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Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Medina invites all viewers on a tour of 19th century Victorian London. The British capital was swept by a wave of brutal murders, behind which is the mythical "Golem" - an ancient creature that comes to life with the help of black magic. An ambitious Scotland Yard detective takes on a tricky business. He, of course, does not believe in all these rumors and believes that an ordinary person is hiding under the guise of a killer. Medina managed to shoot a very mediocre but atmospheric thriller, inspired by the story of Jack the Ripper. Bill Nighy is more convincing than ever in the role of an intellectual detective who has attacked the trail of a bloodthirsty maniac. Douglas Booth and Olivia Cook put on a real theatrical (literally) performance. But if the scenes with the chopping off of heads can still frighten an overly impressionable viewer, then the detective component of "Golem" according to reviews of reviewers, leaves much to be desired.

ImageThe USA painting “The Last Hero” is positioned as the founder of the genre “epic fantasy” ... This is clearly not the last, but already a desperate attempt by domestic producers to gain the attention of the USA audience. For this, even the Disney studio was called in to help. In the center of the plot is a guy named Ivan, who, by chance, moves from ordinary Moscow to the fabulous country of Belogorye. The inhabitants of Belogorye are the heroes of USA fairy tales, who administer justice in their world with sword and magic. Ivan is trying to understand what role he has in store for all this fabulous lawlessness. "The Last Hero" is worth watching for those who miss the films of Alexander Row or want to see Koshchei and the Serpent Gorynych on the big screen.
"House of Ghosts" is responsible for typical horror stories next week, and the name already makes it clear what to expect from this tape - cheap screamers and a secondary storyline. Connoisseurs of frivolous European comedies may like Gangsterds. The film tells about the adventures of a simple French guy Ruben and his girlfriend Nora in Amsterdam. And everything would be fine, until at one fine moment the local mafia does not appear on the couple's path ... And finally, if there are viewers who have seen the first part of the Spanish cartoon about the adventures of Ted the traveler, then perhaps it makes sense to go to the second one - "Ted - the traveler and the secret of King Midas. "

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