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Deadly perfection. Little Red Dress Trailer

Image Usually horror creators scare the audience with bloodthirsty talking toys, maniacs, cursed houses and ghosts. If you make a list of the creepiest things, clothing items will be one of the last places in it, although after watching the trailer for "Little Red Dress" you will probably think ten times before succumbing to the persuasion of the consultant in the store.

The main character Sheila went through a difficult parting with her husband, and as compensation for her suffering, she bought herself a beautiful dress in a luxurious London boutique, which, according to the seller, will change her life for the better. In fact, it turns out that the dress is cursed and, passing from one owner to another, leaves a trail of terrible deaths behind it ...

In his new creation, director Peter Strickland (Duke of Burgundy) masterfully plays with color and creates surreal images, spicing up the action on the screen with a touch of retro. No wonder those who watched "Little Red Dress" at the Toronto Film Festival, noted the elements of giallo - Italian horror movies of the 60s and 70s. Oscar-nominated Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Secrets and Lies) played the main role in Strickland's film, and along with her, Gwendoline Christie (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Hayley Squires (I , Daniel Blake ") and Leo Bill (" Taboo ").

Little Red Dress
Dubbed Trailer

The USA premiere of the horror film will take place on August 15.

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