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Lionsgate will create its own golem

Image Screen adaptations of graphic novels are very popular both in cinema and on television. And although producers are more interested in superheroes, Hollywood studios are increasingly taking on the adaptation of comics on other topics.

As the site The Hollywood Reporter found out, Lionsgate is starting work on a feature film based on the comic book series The Monolith ( "Monolith" ), where magic, heroism and cruelty are intertwined.

According to the plot of the original, the former drug addict Alice Cohen inherits a house in Brooklyn from her grandmother. Here, the girl finds an old diary telling the story of lost love and revenge, which began in New York during the Great Depression. The records also mention a monster created in the 30s to take revenge on those who killed a good and honest man ...


The new film will be a modern take on the classic legend of the golem - a creature created with magic. The film's directorial chair will be taken by the film debut Dave Wilson , who previously worked primarily on video games. Producer functions are assigned to Erwin Stoff ("Edge of the Future").

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Author: Jake Pinkman