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Detective Magnum returns to CBS

Image The shelf of classic TV series that will receive a modern remake has arrived. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS will be rebooting the hit show from the 80s, Private Detective Magnum.

The original was released from 1980 to 1988 and brought incredible popularity to Tom Selleck, who played Thomas Magnum, a private detective from Hawaii who had a great mustache, a collection of bright shirts and a red Ferrari. Thanks to a successful combination of action and humor, the series showed good ratings and lasted eight seasons. In the wake of the show's popularity, Selleck and his colleague John Hillerman received a Golden Globe and an Emmy each.

Last year, ABC tried to film a kind of sequel to "Private Detective Magnum" with the title character's daughter in the title role, but the project did not receive further development. By contrast, according to the source, CBS is going to completely reload the original. Thomas Magnum will turn into a former "Navy Seal" who uses his professional skills in everyday life and began his career as a private detective. Magnum takes on difficult cases and helps those who do not have to wait for help from outside.


The news about the next remake is already causing a grin among TV lovers, but the pilot episode of the new project will be taken up by professionals who are not by hearsay familiar with the beauty of Oahu. The script is written by Peter M. Lenkov, who is the producer of Hawaii Police and the successful reboot of MacGyver, along with longtime colleague Eric Guggenheim.

Since Tom Selleck is currently filming another CBS series, the drama Blue Blood, we can hope for his cameo in the remake of Private Detective Magnum.

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Author: Jake Pinkman