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Detective Magnum's Legacy

Image In the past few years, films and TV series that have already become popular with viewers have been an inexhaustible source of ideas for American television. "Lethal Weapon" ( Lethal Weapon ), "Van Helsing" ( Van Helsing ), "12 Monkeys" ( 12 Monkeys ) are far from a complete list of shows based on iconic paintings.

As the site Deadline managed to find out, the channel ABC will remember another popular hero of the 80s - private detective Magnum . The series was released in 1980, and the main role in it was played by Tom Selleck. The producers of the new show are John Rogers (Impact / Leverage , The Librarians / The Librarians ) and Eva Longoria ("Devious Maids" / Devious Maids ), felt that rebooting the original with the new Thomas Magnum would discourage viewers, and therefore the upcoming project is a sequel and will focus on the daughter of a private detective.

Events will revolve around Lily Magnum returning to Hawaii to take over her father's firm. The main character and her friends will have to hunt down international criminals and spies who disturb the peace on the paradise islands. In addition, Lily needs to understand the reasons for the failure of the Navy operation that led to her dismissal from service ...


John Rogers will write the script for the new show.

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Author: Jake Pinkman