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USAn Box Office: viewers were torn between Krym and spies

Image Last weekend, viewers' sympathy was divided almost equally between the sequel to the film "Kingsman: The Secret Service" and the new project of the famous USA TV presenter Alexei Pimanov called "Crimea". At some point, the adventures of British and American spies occupied a leading position, but at the end of the weekend, the USA film took the first place by a rather small margin.

The plot of the drama "Crimea" revolves around two main characters, the Sevastopol officer Alexander and the Kiev journalist Alena, whom fate brought together in the Crimean city of Mangup-Kale in the summer of 2013. Young people fall in love with each other, but in the spring of 2014 events will take place that will seriously affect their relationship and make them make difficult choices.

With a budget of 400 million rubles. for the premiere weekend, Alexei Pimanov's tape managed to earn about 161 million rubles. This is the fifth competition among USA films released this year. Such films as "Attraction" (408 million rubles), "Gogol. Home ”(220 million rubles),“ Defenders ”(216 million rubles) and“ Kitchen. The Last Battle ”(162 million rubles). If we talk about domestic films, which have managed to climb to the first place in the financial rating over the past nine months, then Crimea has become the sixth in this list. Previously, only the above-mentioned "Attraction", "Defenders" and "Gogol", as well as the space drama "Time of the First" and "Viking", whose weekend premiere fell on January 1, could do this.


The dramatic film about the Crimean events had very wide support, viewers could see advertisements almost everywhere, from trailers before movie shows, ending with news and individual episodes of talk shows on television. However, although this attracted a sufficient number of people to cinemas, their opinion about the picture was not the most positive. Critics and audiences alike cite mediocre acting, dialogue and script issues that ultimately resulted in a slurred and insipid love story and no better military line. The reviewers did not like the fact that the film is too frank propaganda. Among the advantages of the picture, perhaps, only the beautiful Crimean landscapes are named. The sundress can be expected to do its job, and the coming weekend will see the box office drop sharply.


Last weekend's leader, Matthew Vaughan's action comedy Kingsman: The Golden Circle, dropped to second place. The second week of rental brought the adventures of reckless and incredibly stylish secret agents performed by Teron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Pedro Pascal and Channing Tatum 152 million rubles. Compared to the premiere box office, the film has lost 55% of viewers, and its total box office is currently 594 million rubles. The sequel shows itself at the box office much better than the first part. In 2015, the film "Kingsman: The Secret Service" after two weeks had 454 million rubles to its credit, but in total he managed to collect 650 million rubles.


Following the spies of Matthew Vaughn, like last week, is the animated picture "The LEGO Ninjago Movie". The piggy bank of the creators of the story about the adventures of little people from the famous children's designer was replenished by 49 million rubles over the past weekend. In total, the tape has managed to earn 155 million rubles to date. The results of the second spin-off of the cartoon "Lego. Film ”is noticeably worse than the previous installments. And if it is still possible to catch up with the original film for "LEGO Ninjago", then with "Batman" this obviously will not work. In February of this year, "The Lego Movie: Batman" earned 203 million rubles in two weeks of distribution, while the total box office amounted to 279 million rubles. The first "Lego. Film ”in 2014 finished its march through cinemas at the mark of 224 million rubles.


Despite the fact that weekly box office receipts of the horror "It" slowly continue to decline and after last weekend sank by almost 50%, the tape is confidently holding in the top five for the fourth consecutive week. The horror film by Argentinean director Andres Muschetti added 42 million rubles to his piggy bank, while the total fees exceeded the much-desired billion-dollar mark and amounted to 1.025 billion rubles. So "It" became the seventh billionaire this year. It is quite possible that the tape will be able to climb one step higher, displacing Fyodor Bondarchuk's fantastic painting "Attraction". She brought the creators a total of 1.073 billion rubles. But the demonic clown is unlikely to be able to reach another "heavyweight", the animated film "The Boss Baby Sucker" with its 1.526 billion rubles.


Closes the top five this week, the American action movie "Mercenary". Based on the novel of the same name by writer Vince Flynn, the film tells the story of a secret CIA mercenary named Mitch Rapp, who, after the death of his bride as a result of a terrorist attack, begins training with another agent, Stan Hurley, in order to prevent terrorist operations and catch criminals in the future. Together, the heroes will investigate a series of attacks on military and civilian objects, as well as prevent the Third World War from starting.

That at home, that in the USA box office, the tape shows quite modest fees. During the premiere weekend, the audience brought the creators of "Mercenary" a little over 38 million rubles. The film does not boast an impressive stellar cast. The main role in the film was played by Dylan O'Brien, known to the viewer mainly for the Maze Runner franchise, and among the rest of the actors the eye can catch, perhaps, only for the names of Michael Keaton, David Suchet and Taylor Kitsch. Reviewers who watched the film speak of it as an average action movie with a standard set of techniques, although the action scenes in the film still look quite decent.

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