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USAn Box Office: Selfies Are Still In Fashion

Image After a record high box office for January, cinemas were relatively calm. The first weekend in February was able to please the distributors only with another victory for the USA film. Revenue decreased by almost 25% compared to the previous weekend and amounted to about 648 million rubles.

Despite the fact that the new film based on the novel by Sergei Minaev entitled “Selfie” was weaker than expected, this did not prevent him from taking the first line of the box office. The plot of the psychological thriller revolves around the popular writer and TV presenter Vladimir Bogdanov performed by Konstantin Khabensky. At one point, he is suddenly replaced by a double, who copes with his role much better than the original, and now the main character will have a difficult struggle for himself. For the film directed by Nikolai Khomeriki, the grosses were predicted in the region of 170 million rubles, at the level of the results of "Duhless", the adaptation of another work of Minaev. As a result, for the premiere weekend, the tape managed to receive from the audience the amount of 124 million rubles. In 2012, the painting with Danila Kozlovsky collected 161 million rubles at the start, and its continuation three years later was able to earn 231 million rubles on the first weekend.


As for the reaction to the film, the overwhelming majority of viewers note the beautiful picture, the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere of the metropolis, as well as the excellent play of Konstantin Khabensky, who perfectly managed to embody two characters on the screen at once. However, all this, according to those who looked at the picture, cannot draw out the story itself. Among the main disadvantages, the reviewers name the script that the author of the original source worked on. As a result, the plot of the film is lame, the narrative turned out to be crumpled, and the problems of the hero look far-fetched, and the creators gave the answer to the main riddle too early to keep the intrigue and keep the viewer's attention until the very end of the picture.


For the second place in the financial rankings this past weekend, a real battle unfolded. And if a week before that the gap between "The Maze Runner: The Cure for Death" and "Moving Up" was quite large, 248 million rubles. against 213 million rubles, but now the basketball team led by Vladimir Mashkov almost left the leader of the last box office to sit on the third line of the chart. However, the popular teen franchise managed to snatch victory from the athletes. The final part of the story about the brave gliders was able to master 116 million rubles in the second week of rental, thus its fees dropped by more than 50% compared to the last weekend. In total, Medicines for Death already have 432 million rubles in their assets. The original film had 402 million rubles in its piggy bank for the same period of time, but the second part was able to earn a little more - 459 million rubles.


The film by Anton Megerdichev was quite a bit lacking to keep the second line of the top this week. However, the creators of "Moving Up" definitely have no reason to be upset: the sports drama still feels confident at the box office even after six weeks. During this time, more than 11.6 million people managed to see the picture, and over the past weekend its piggy bank was replenished with an additional 113 million rubles. The tape continues its phenomenal march through cinemas and is systematically moving towards the 3 billion rubles mark. Now the basketball players already have 2.87 billion rubles.


The American comedy "In short", which tells about a very peculiar solution to the problem of overpopulation of the planet, started from the fourth line. According to the plot, Norwegian scientists come up with a technology to reduce people, which will make the whole world miniature in 200 years. The main character, played by Matt Damon, in order to solve his problems, without thinking twice, agrees to participate in the experiment and irreversible transformation. Alexander Payne's tape started at the box office noticeably weaker than expected. Analysts predicted the film's premiere gross of 110 million rubles, while he managed to earn only 78 million rubles. Critics and viewers were not happy with the film. Reviewers note an interesting idea, but absolutely ruined by the creators of the picture, complain about a weak script, a protracted and even boring story with many logical holes and a lack of the promised humor.


The family comedy "The Adventures of Paddington 2" closes the top five according to the results of the past weekend. The tape has been in the top for the third week in a row, without abandoning attempts to compensate for the fees that were not received as a result of the release transfer. Last weekend brought 54 million rubles to the painting's treasury, and in total, indefatigable adventurer Paddington has managed to raise 286 million rubles to date. The gap from the results of the original film is still quite significant. Three years ago, the first adventures of the bear cub after the third weekend had about 368 million rubles in assets.

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