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USAn Box Office: Secret Agents Are Not Frightened by the Clown

Image After two weeks of triumphant march through the cinemas of the country of the terrible clown Pennywise, there were still films that could compete with the film of Andres Muschetti, pushing it immediately to third place.

The new leader of the box office this week is the Anglo-American spy thriller "Kingsman: The Golden Ring". Director Matthew Vaughn, for whom the film was the first sequel in his career, hesitated for a long time, but still decided to continue his story about British secret agents. This time, the heroes were awaited not only by a new insidious villain, ready to chop any disagreeable employee into mince, but also by no less eccentric American colleagues. There was a powerful replenishment in the cast of the film. Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges joined the heroes of Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong, familiar to the viewer from the previous film. There was also a place for Sir Elton John, who managed not only to play a couple of pieces, but also to prove himself no worse than the trained agents Kingsman and Statesman.<

During the premiere weekend, the comedy action game earned 350 million rubles, which is more than 60% higher than the fees of the first part of the franchise. In 2015, the film "Kingsman: The Secret Service" managed to master 219 million rubles on the first weekend. As for the Fox distributor, this is the fourth start among the company's projects this year after the Boss-Baby Sucker (RUB 654 million), Assassin's Creed (RUB 633 million) and Logan (RUB 483 million).

If the critics reacted to the film ambiguously, then the audience was generally satisfied with it, having received exactly what they expected. Matthew Vaughn has once again prepared an excellent cocktail of a twisted plot, colorful characters, dynamic action scenes, ultra-violence and humor. While another British secret agent calmly deals with enemies, armed with a pistol, here the heroes are allowed to fool around, and everything is used, from beer glasses, an umbrella and a meat grinder to a jump rope (sorry, lasso). Of course, the film did not become the same discovery as the first part, but nevertheless it keeps quite at the level of its predecessor.


A younger audience was attracted to cinemas last week by another novelty - the LEGO Ninjago Film animation. The American-Danish cartoon, the main characters of which are toys from the popular construction set, became the second spin-off of the 2014 film “Lego. Film". Now in the center of the story is the young Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, whom Ninjago City calls for its protection. The hero, in the company of his friends, secret warriors and the Great LEGO Masters, must defeat the evil dictator Garmadon.


The film, on which three directors worked at once, Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan, started much weaker than the past adventures of LEGO men. "Ninjago Film" for the premiere weekend was able to collect 95 million rubles, while "Lego Film: Batman", released earlier this year, at the start received from viewers almost 126 million rubles. But the first part of the franchise, which was even awarded a BAFTA prize in the category "Best Animated Feature Film", in 2014 began distribution at 97 million rubles. Prior to that, the tape was shown in cinemas in preview format for two more weeks, which brought it an additional 39 million rubles. As a result, after the first official week of rental in the piggy bank "Lego. Film "was already 136 million rubles.

No matter how hard the creators of "LEGO Ninjago Film" tried, it suffered the fate of many franchises. If at first the viewer receives something fresh, bold and original, then at some point the story becomes secondary and begins to resemble what has already been seen before. Of course, the picture is still bright, and the film is filled with humor and many references, which cannot but please the adults who came to the session, but reviewers agree that the past parts of the franchise were much funnier and more inventive.


Despite the fact that the "It" tape has lost the palm, it is not going to leave the list of leaders yet. Although the box office has dropped more than 65% this week, the Losers' Club adventure continues to attract viewers. The third week of the box office brought another 80 million rubles to the adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name. The horror collection is steadily moving towards a billion - at the moment, the creators of the picture already have 958 million rubles in their piggy bank.


The USA comedy "Partner" has dropped to the fourth line from the second. The collection of the tape sank by almost 60%, but over the past weekend, viewers brought to the piggy bank stories about the adventures of a computer baby, endowed with the voice and facial expressions of Sergei Garmash, an additional 31 million rubles. In total, for two weeks of rental, the film directed by Alexander Andryushchenko managed to earn 124 million rubles. Thus, to gain a profit, or at least simply to recapture its very impressive production budget of 420 million rubles. the tape will fail.


The fifth place in the financial rating is occupied by Darren Aronofsky's thriller “Mom!”. The projects of this director never leave the audience indifferent, it happened this time as well. The plot of the tape was shrouded in mystery, and the trailer gave only a vague idea about it, so viewers who expected to see the usual horror were surprised, and some even disappointed. By the second week, the "sundress" had done its job, and the collection of the painting, as expected, fell. The viewers, who were not embarrassed by the multi-layered and metaphorical nature of the story, brought 26 million rubles to the creators' treasury, thereby bringing the total box office of the film to the amount of 116 million rubles.

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