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USAn Box Office: emoji overtook Valerian and grandmother Revva

Image If the previous few summer weekends showed extremely negative dynamics, and each subsequent weekend brought less and less to the piggy bank, now the situation seems to be relatively stabilized. The box office of the past weekend remained at about the same level as a week ago. Viewers who decided to spend time in cinemas gave distributors about 635 million rubles.

This week, the five leaders left the animated long-liver "Despicable Me 3", staying in the top for seven whole weeks. This weekend, parents with children gave their preference to the novelty of the rental - the animated comedy " Emoji Movie ". If earlier Hollywood filmmakers already told us about the emotions that live in our heads and about the characters of arcade games, now they decided to mix it all up and take on the holy of holies - phones that viewers do not part with even during movie shows.

This time, the story was centered on the colorful town of Textopolis, which exists in every smartphone, and an emoji named Jin , who, unlike his fellows, can express several emotions at once and desperately wants to get rid of it, along the way also saving his hometown with its inhabitants. Despite the fact that foreign critics and viewers smashed the film to smithereens, noting in the reviews a boring and banal plot, a secondary story, problems with humor (although what could be expected from a film about a smiley poop?) And a large number of advertisements for all kinds of games and applications, in our rental the animation tape managed to start from the mark of 147 million rubles. , taking first place in the financial rating.


The film has become the fourth cartoon, which this year managed to lead the rental, after "The Boss the Baby Sucker" and the third parts of the "Cars" and "Despicable Me" franchises. However, among the projects of the studio Sony , the adventures of emoticons showed only the sixth result in terms of premiere fees, skipping ahead such films as the first and second parts of "Monsters on Vacation" ( 188 million rubles and 377 million rubles. , respectively), "Angry Birds in the cinema" ( 375 million rubles. ), "Smurfs 2" ( 166 million rubles. ) and "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" ( 148 million rubles. ).

Luc Besson's fantastic blockbuster " Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets " was on the second line by a very small margin from the leader. During the second week of rental, the adventures of space special agents managed to earn a little more than 146 million rubles. , which is almost 60% less than last weekend. In total, viewers brought to the film box 626 million rubles.


The third and fourth places of the rating are occupied by two more novelties of this week. The third line is occupied by the USA comedy directed by Marius Vaisberg " Grandmother of easy virtue ", in which Alexander Revva once again exploits the familiar image of a master of reincarnation. The main character, a swindler nicknamed Transformer , having got into trouble, decides to lay low in a nursing home, pretending to be a cute old woman. There, the hero, of course, awaits adventure, love interest performed by Natalia Ionova and hope for improvement.

Perhaps the director was inspired by such masterpieces of cinema as "There are only girls in jazz", "Tootsie", "Mrs. Doubtfire" or "Hello, I'm your aunt!", But the comparison will clearly not in favor of . And although at the exit Weisberg turned out to be a typical comedy with one of the residents of the Comedy Club and a former cavalry player, which does not amaze with either acting or humor, fans of Revva for the first weekend brought to piggy bank of the filmmakers 130 million rubles. This result is much better than the premiere collections of previous works with the participation of the comedian. So, four years ago, "Understudy" brought in at the start 96 million rubles. , and in 2014, Mixed Feelings managed to earn in the first weekend 56 million rubles.


Following "The Granny of Easy Behavior" is the American action comedy The Hitman's Bodyguard starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. The story of how former mortal enemies, world-class bodyguard Michael Bryce and top-notch hitman Darius Kinkade , are forced to team up to get alive to a meeting of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, earned for premiere weekend RUB 103 million

The creator of "The Expendables 3", Australian director Patrick Hughes, has released a light entertaining movie that combines humor and chases with gunfights, and even romance. And although the director did not always manage to keep the balance between action and heart-to-heart talks, the audience certainly will not be left indifferent by the spectacularly cursing slob Jackson , serious to the point of boring Reynolds , beautiful and eccentric, under to become an on-screen husband, the heroine of Salma Hayek, as always gorgeous Gary Oldman, a brutal mercenary performed by USA actor Yuri Kolokolnikov and, of course, stunts against the backdrop of beautiful panoramas of London and Amsterdam.


The horror movie " The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil " has dropped to the fifth line of the rating from second place. Over this weekend, viewers added to the film's piggy bank another 60 million rubles. , but in just two weeks he managed to earn 269 million rubles. The collection of the film has long exceeded the total box office of the first film, which was in 2014, 197 million rubles. , and now the tape has every chance to overtake The Conjuring and its sequel. The first film of the franchise four years ago earned a total of 326 million rubles. , and "The Conjuring 2" last summer received from viewers 280 million rubles.

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