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David Lynch leaves the movie world

Image In the 21st century, many American film studios began to focus so heavily on profit-making that Hollywood virtually ceased producing original and groundbreaking films. It is not surprising that more and more eminent artists have recently expressed serious concern about the state of affairs in modern cinema.

At one time, the famous British newspaper The Guardian recognized David Lynch as the most important film maker of his generation. However, today the situation in the film industry is such that the four-time nominee for the " Oscar " is no longer able to please viewers with his new films. The last full-length film Lynch was released in USA ten years ago. Although the tape "Inland Empire" was warmly received in the press, its worldwide gross could not reach $ 4 million . It is obvious that since then Lynch has experienced serious funding problems for his new film projects.

In a fresh interview with the Australian edition of the Sydney Morning Herald , the 71-year-old director admitted that he will hardly be able to return to the world of big cinema. “The cinema has changed a lot, - noted David . -A great film can be made, but it will show modest results in a box office. The problem is that I have not the slightest desire to work on those paintings that are raising a lot of money today. It looks like “ Inland Empire ” will be my last movie. ”


Lynch's full-length directorial debut in 1977 was Eraser Head, which he spent about seven years creating. Forty years ago, surreal horror was received with hostility by many viewers and critics, but over the years it has managed to gain a truly cult status. In 2004, it was even included in the National Register of Films of special historical, cultural or aesthetic significance. Already the second film Lynch , "The Elephant Man", has received well-deserved recognition in the professional community: the biographical drama has won three BAFTA awards and nominated for eight “ Oscars b>". In the filmography of Lynch you can find such famous films as "Dune", "Blue Velvet" and "Mulholland Drive".

The words Lynch do not mean that he is retiring. Fortunately for fans of David , one of the greatest mystifying directors in history remains in demand in the profession thanks to the golden era of television.


On May 21, Lynch and Showtime will present the first two episodes of the revived Twin Peaks to the public.

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Author: Jake Pinkman