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David Lynch leaves Twin Peaks

Image The creator of Twin Peaks David Lynch announced on his Twitter and Facebook pages that he will not work on the third season of the cult series.

Lynch noted that his departure should not affect Showtime 's plans to return to the screens of the heroes of the mystical drama. According to David , negotiations with the channel's management took him 16 months, but in the end he was not offered as much money as needed to implement his scenario. The filmmaker has already started calling the actors to inform them of the news that he will not return to the director's chair for season 3.

Lynch was followed by an official press release from Showtime : “We were upset to hear about David Lynch addressing our fans. It seemed to us that, together with representatives of David , we were moving towards resolving issues on those few clauses of the contract that remained the subject of dispute. Showtime loves the world of `` Twin Peaks '', and therefore we do not lose hope that we will still be able to attract its creators to participate in the work on the new season - David Lynch and Mark Frost".


Rumor has it that the true cause of the conflict was Lynch's desire to get a larger percentage of the show's sales on media and through online services, and his appeal to fans serves as a kind of leverage with which he hopes to resolve the issue with payment in your favor. Communicating with TV channels and Hollywood film companies through a multi-million army of social media users is becoming an increasingly popular way of doing business for actors and directors. More recently, this approach gave Neil Blomkamp the green light to work on the new Alien from Fox studio management.


Twin Peaks Season 3 is slated to premiere in 2016.

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Author: Jake Pinkman