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David Lynch doubts Twin Peaks return


The return of "Twin Peaks" in the form of a nine-episode sequel in the summer of 2016 remains in question. According to the Radio Times, the creator of the cult series David Lynch said this at an exhibition in Birsbene. When asked to confirm the return of the series to the screens, Lynch replied, "I don't know. There were some difficulties."

Despite joint announcements made with Showtime about a production order for the miniseries and the return of some key characters to performed by the stars of the original series - Kyle McLachlan (Dale Cooper), Cheryl Lee (Laura Palmer / Maddie Ferguson) and Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs) – sources say contract negotiations are still ongoing, although the script for the sequel is ready.

Lynch later confirmed that a number of contractual issues arose: " We are still working on contracts, but I love the Twin Peaks world and its inhabitants. I think returning to this world would be something special. "

In his early interviews, Lynch repeatedly stressed the importance of having" complete creative control "in the work. In particular, the director said the following:" The overwhelming majority of moviemakers are not has the ability to choose the final version of the movie or is deprived of creative freedom, and this is abnormal and very sad. This is a real nightmare when you are deprived of the freedom to shoot your picture the way you see it. Why then do anything at all, if you still won't be allowed to do it the way you want? This is absurd. "

In October 2015, Showtime announced the resumption of the cult series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and Mark Frost. as a nine-episode miniseries due in 2016. The mini-series will continue a story that ended 25 years ago.

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