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David Lynch returns to Twin Peaks


David Lynch and Showtime have buried the hatchet and announced the return of the famed director for the revived Twin Peaks miniseries. On his Twitter page on Friday May 15, 2015, Lynch tweeted: "Dear friends, the rumors are not what they seem ... It is !!! It's happening again. Twin Peaks is back on Showtime." p>

In turn, Showtime Channel President David Nevins confirmed Lynch's words and noted that the initial number of episodes was – nine – will be increased. “This damn good coffee from Mark and David just tasted better,” Nevins wrote. “The extra brewing time definitely helped, and the cup is even bigger than we bargained for. David will direct the entire show. which now will not consist of nine episodes, as we assumed at the beginning, but of a larger number of episodes. Pre-production starts right now! "

Recall that about a month and a half ago, Lynch announced that he was leaving the project due to a dispute over salaries. Initially agreeing to movie all nine episodes, Lynch tweeted the following : "After negotiations lasting one year and four months, I am leaving the project due to funding, which I consider insufficient to create the script as I see it."

At that time, Showtime had already made a deal with Lynch and co-author Mark Frost on the idea of reviving the cult series by 2016 and bringing in the lead actor Kyle McLachlan. According to The Hollywood Reporter's sources, the script was already ready by that time. In response to Lynch's words, Showtime management hoped Twin Peaks would "return with both creators on board."

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Author: Jake Pinkman