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David Lynch left the revived Twin Peaks project


Twin Peaks creator David Lynch will not be participating in the resurrected sequel to the iconic show, which was slated to launch on Showtime in 2016.

On Sunday, April 5, 2015, during At the Twin Peaks Festival, rumors have surfaced that Showtime has canceled the upcoming third season of the series, which was co-written by Lynch and his partner Mark Frost. Later, Lynch, who intended to personally direct the upcoming miniseries, cleared up the situation by leaving a message on his Twitter and Facebook pages: “Dear friends, Showtime has not canceled the production of Twin Peaks. After negotiations lasting one year and four months, I am leaving the project due to funding, which I consider insufficient to create a script in such a way, as I see it. This weekend I started calling the actors to warn them that I would not be a director. Twin Peaks may still be movieed on Showtime. I love the Twin Peaks world and would like to see things turned out differently. "

For its part, Showtime released the following statement:" We were saddened to read David Lynch's message today as we hoped that we will find a solution to several remaining issues of the deal with David and his representatives. Showtime loves the Twin Peaks world too, and we continue to believe that we can bring it back to all its glory, led by its outstanding creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. "

Recall that in October 2014, Showtime officially announced the show's resumption of the show as a nine-episode miniseries for 2016. The miniseries, confirmed by the original cast stars Kyle McLachlan (Dale Cooper), Cheryl Lee (Laura Palmer / Maddie Ferguson) and Dan Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), will continue a story that ended 25 years ago.

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Author: Jake Pinkman