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Will David Lynch sell his soul to the devil?

Image Good news for the fans of the famous director and screenwriter David Lynch came from Hollywood. According to Vulture, the creator of the cult mystical drama Twin Peaks is considering a return to the world of big cinema.

The four-time Oscar nominee has not directed a full-length feature film since 2006, when his Inland Empire was released. Despite a warm welcome in the press, the film managed to earn only $ 4 million at the worldwide box office. Since then, Lynch's projects began to have problems with funding, and as a result, the director decided to switch to short films and documentaries. In May 2015, the great hoaxer bitterly announced that Empire Inland could be his last feature film, since he does not see himself in the modern film business, in which pictures are created for profit, not creativity.

It looks like the success of Twin Peaks season 3 has made David realize that he can get by without talking to greedy film producers, since he still has a huge fan base. According to insiders, Lynch plans to open a fundraiser for a movie based on one of the greatest unrealized scenarios in Hollywood history.


In the 80s of the last century, the famous American director, screenwriter and photographer Alan Greenberg invented the plot of the Love In Vain tape, named after the song of the same name by the blues legend Robert Johnson. To the author's disappointment, none of the Dream Factory studios decided to launch the musician's biopic into production. The consolation for Alan was that his text was the first ever Hollywood script to be published by a major book publisher.

Greenberg's script successfully balances on the verge of fiction and reality, since the biography of the bluesman is shrouded in a real aura of mystery. An unknown guy from a small town in Mississippi quickly burst into the musical Olympus in 1936, amazing music lovers with his virtuoso guitar playing. Already two years later, the 27-year-old musician died in his home state under mysterious circumstances.


According to a popular urban legend, in his youth, the bluesman sold his soul to the devil, who personally showed him how to play a few magical chords. David Lynch is a huge fan of Greenberg's screenplay and has shown interest in Johnson's biopic a couple of times already. It is possible that this time he will finally manage to find money to shoot the film.

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