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Cormacour talks about the volcanic eruption

Image Balthasar Cormakur , director of Everest and Trap, is preparing a new project - a series called Katla , a dramatic thriller with elements of the supernatural, the events of which will unfold around volcano Katla in the south of Iceland.

The drama will take place in Reykjavik in the near future, when the eruption of Katla has not stopped for two years. All this led to destruction, a radioactive threat, the appearance of terrible mutations and strange events. A serious crisis ensues, forcing scientists from different countries to gather in Reykjavik to develop a plan of action.

Insiders report that companies such as Studiocanal , Beta Cinema and Cinemax are already interested in the project. The drama will be filmed in England and Iceland. According to Kormakura , he intends to assemble an international cast for the series and plans to lead the filming of the pilot episode as well as producing the show. For the rest, he wants to apply the same model as with "Trap" , inviting aspiring directors from Iceland and other countries to work on the drama.


According to the observations of scientists, Katla is indeed fraught with a threat - in recent years there has been a high seismological activity in the volcano area, and the President of Iceland had previously warned that very little time remained before the eruption of Katla ...

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Author: Jake Pinkman