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Hollywood will declassify Pentagon Papers

Image The film company Pascal Pictures is ready to reveal the dirty secrets of the American defense department. The Tracking Board reports that Amy Pascal has won the fight for the rights to Liz Hannah script titled The Post .

The plot of the film will be based on real events. In the early 1970s, a huge scandal erupted in the United States over the so-called " Pentagon Papers " - a collection of documents on American-Vietnamese relations, the creation of which was initiated by the US Secretary of Defense in 1967.

In 1971, part of this archive fell into the hands of the journalists of the newspaper The New York Times thanks to the military analyst Daniel Ellsberg , who was outraged at how the administration of President Lyndon Johnson cynically lied to Americans about the course fighting in Vietnam.


By that time, Richard Nixon had already held the presidency, and he made a lot of efforts to avoid leaking information about the secrets of the Department of Defense. The US Supreme Court was attacked on The New York Times , but soon another popular American newspaper, The Washington Post , began a series of its own journalistic investigations. As for Ellsberg , he faced a 115-year prison term on charges of espionage and theft of secret documents, but he was saved by the Watergate scandal . It has become known to the public that Nixon has authorized illegal methods of collecting evidence of Daniel's involvement in the transmission of Pentagon Papers to journalists. Since the constitutional rights of Ellsberg were seriously violated, the court dropped all charges against him.


" Pentagon Papers " were fully declassified only in 2011.

The Topic of Article: Hollywood will declassify Pentagon Papers.
Author: Jake Pinkman