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The mascot is to blame

Image For more than 30 years, fans of Stephen King's creativity have been waiting for Hollywood to film the novel "Talisman", written by the King of Horror in collaboration with Peter Straub. Universal acquired the rights to adapt the work back in 1984, when it was first published. The major was even going to invite Steven Spielberg to the director's chair of the film. The project was never realized, and more than ten years later, rumors began to circulate that Will Smith was claiming one of the main roles in the film. King's longtime colleague Mick Garris intended to turn Talisman into a mini-series, but Amblin Entertainment, which owns the rights to the book, opted for the full-length format.

And now, after a long time, the film adaptation of "Talisman" acquired at least a screenwriter, as reported by the Variety portal. It will be Josh Boone - the director of the Fault in the Stars melodrama and the author of the upcoming New Mutants. So far Boone is not applying for the director's chair, but perhaps he will eventually lead the shooting.

Talisman is the story of 12-year-old Jack Sawyer, who is taught by a man named Speedy Parker to move from our world to a parallel reality known as the Territories. Jack embarks on a journey from New England to California in search of a mystical Talisman that can heal his mother dying of cancer. Since in a parallel reality people have twins, in both worlds, Jack has to flee from enemies.

The original was so successful that it spawned a sequel and a graphic novel.


Josh Boone is well acquainted with Stephen King and his work. The Horror King made a cameo appearance in Boone's directorial debut, the melodrama Stuck in Love. Josh initially set out to adapt Lizzie's Story and later Confrontation, but work on the project eventually stalled and the filmmaker turned his attention to King's novel Rebirth.

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