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Amazon Reveals Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Image The online service Amazon started producing its own content only a few years ago, but has already made huge strides in the field of serial production. One of the best serial dramas of the streaming giant is considered to be the action-packed dystopia "The Man in the High Castle", based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick . As it became known to the Deadline edition, the Amazon management is ready to transfer several more works of the famous science fiction writer to the screens of the heroes.

The American online service has decided to support the British channel Channel 4 in the work on the 10-episode television anthology " Electric Dreams ". It was originally planned that the American cable TV network AMC will act as a partner of the British, but its bosses unexpectedly decided to abandon the project. Fortunately for the multi-million dollar army of science fiction fans, Channel 4 managed to find new companions on the other side of the ocean pretty quickly.

Each episode of Electric Dreams is expected to be a complete story. The creators of the series have not yet announced which works by Dick will be filmed as part of their TV project.


Instead, Amazon and Channel 4 are proud to announce the names of the star-studded Electric Dreams writing team. It will include Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galaktika), Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), Jack Thorne (This Is England. 1986), Dee Rees (In blues only Bessie), Travis Beecham (Pacific Rim), Matthew Graham (Childhood's End) and David Farr (Night Administrator).

The TV department of the studio Sony Pictures intends to support Amazon and Channel 4 in the work on the mini-series. The anthology will be produced by six Emmy >Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad), who also hopes to star in one of its episodes.


2017 is an extremely successful year for fans of Philip K. Dick . Last month, Amazon announced the renewal of The Man in the High Castle for a third season, with Electric Dreams now in production, and in October Sci-fi connoisseurs will see the premiere of the long-awaited neo-noir thriller Blade Runner 2049.

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Author: Jake Pinkman