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Brian Cranston shares worldly wisdom

Image After Brian Cranston won three consecutive Emmy awards for his role as Walter White in the first three seasons of Breaking Bad, management channel AMC decided to invite the actor to try his hand at being a producer. Soon Brian successfully proved that talented people are talented in everything: over the next three years he won another acting "Emmy" and twice appeared on the stage of the concert hall Nokia Theater as part of the team of creators of the cult crime drama about a drug lord chemist.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Brian is ready to show his talent as a producer again. Cranston Moonshot Entertainment will join forces with the online service Amazon on a series based on the bestselling Conn and Hal Iggulden novel A Dangerous Book for boys ".

According to the authors themselves, their literary work is a collection of valuable advice for boys aged 8 to 80 years. Thanks to the book by the Yggulden brothers , readers can learn how to determine the cardinal points by a wristwatch, build tree houses, grow crystals, knit sea knots, and also acquire a lot of other useful skills.


" A Dangerous Book for Boys " was first published in the UK in the summer of 2006. A year later, the studio Disney acquired the rights to film it, but in the end the management of one of the leading Hollywood film companies did not decide on the format of adaptation.

In June 2014, Brian Cranston bought the film rights to the boys' encyclopedia. The six-time Emmy winner came up with the idea of creating a series about brothers who inherit a book with advice for all occasions from their genius inventor father. The project was originally developed for the NBC channel, but now the streaming giant Amazon has decided to take it under its wing. The online service has reportedly already given the green light for the six-episode first season.


All six episodes will be directed by Greg Mottola ("Paul: The Secret Material"), who assisted Cranston with the script for the pilot. The family comedy is expected to begin filming in New York this summer.

Brian Cranston already has a successful experience of cooperation with Amazon . First, he acted as a creator, producer, director, screenwriter and performer of one of the key roles in the adventurous series "Sneaky Pete", which has managed to become one of the main hits of the streaming service in the current TV season. In February of this year, it became known that Cranston will help Amazon and the British channel Channel 4 in the work on the sci-fi teleanthology "Electric Dreams of Philip K. Dick. "

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